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Each design is related to Miyo’s stories, her random thoughts, or fun facts.  We hope you will “feel” it when you wear them.

Featured Item

Koi Fish

What is special about Koi fish? Koi has a strong vitality. They can live not only in the clear stream but also in the pond. They’re considered as good luck.

Koi fish also has a strong connection with Hiroshima in where Miyo was born. The Hiroshima Castle is known as Koi Castle. Also, their baseball team is Hiroshima Carp (=Koi fish).

In Japan, people put up a carp-shaped streamer in front of their houses on May 5, which is a national holiday, Children’s Day. It is a day set aside to respect children’s personalities and to celebrate their happiness, hoping that they’ll break through any kinds of obstacles like Koi fish.



Her name is not My-Yo but Me-Yo!

Did you know that Ikea’s real name is ee-kea in Sweden? They changed its name when they came to the United States because they knew that Americans would mispronounce their name. But she is not Ikea.

Get it right, people!

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Miyo white T-shirt

Fun Fact

Kaiju is a Japanese genre of films and television featuring giant monsters like Godzilla. Did you know that Godzilla is a citizen in Japan officially? Getting a Japanese citizenship requires to get a Japanese name.  How do you write Godzilla in Kanji, Chinese characters?

Square Kaiju

I may look rough around the edges, but I’m nice. Seriously!

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Citizen Kaiju

Stomp, Stomp, Stomp!, I’m going to stomp on your nonsense!

Die Kitty Die black T-shirt

Die Kitty Die

Did you know Hello Kitty is British? What part of her is British?

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What’s Your Normal?

Miyo wearing the Your Normal Is Not My Normal T-shirt

Your normal is not my normal.

When you enter a new culture, you’re the outsider. And that provides an excellent vantage point to question the status quo.

What Do You See? white T-shirt

Not a T-shirt person?
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This sturdy mug is perfect for your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or whatever hot beverage you enjoy.